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Appfarm for Startups

Limit your time to market while maintaining flexibility and scalability – all through the power of no-code!


This page (including terms and conditions) was last updated: January 2, 2022

About the Program

Appfarm for Startups is a program for startups on a mission to build and launch a new digital product. As experienced entrepreneurs, we appreciate the need to launch an actual and scalable product as early as possible. With Appfarm, this is possible.

With our no-code platform, you may build your entire product or only parts of it. Some startups build complete products with our technology, while others limit Appfarm to complementary products and services to maintain a clear focus on their core product. Some companies incorporate Appfarm in their short to medium-term development strategy to ensure speed and flexibility in an early stage; others go all the way!

Regardless of how you choose to use Appfarm, our goal is to provide you with a development tool that can – and probably will – make life as an entrepreneur a whole lot easier!

What We Offer

The startups that are onboarded to the Appfarm for Startups Program are granted the following benefits:

  • A two-year discount on all resources included in our Essential tier, which is our most popular subscription. The discounts are 90 % for the first year and 50 % for the second.
  • Visibility on our website and social media channels (e.g., LinkedIn).

What We Expect in Return

We expect the following from you as a participant in our program:

  • You will allow us to publish 1–3 posts regarding your attendance in the program and the product(s) being built. Don't worry; we won't disclose information that is critical to your business.
  • You will aid us in producing demo material (e.g., screenshots and screen recordings) of your solution. Nothing will be used, shared, or distributed without your prior consent.
  • You will attend a 60-minute interview (digital or physical) with our marketing team.

Who Can Apply?

We have the following criteria for selecting startups for our program:

  • The company must be legally incorporated and have an organization ID number (e.g., VAT or CVR).
  • The startup's founders must own a minimum of 80 % of the company's equity, either directly (i.e., personally) or indirectly (e.g., through a holding company).
  • The company must be newly established; the application must be submitted within three years of incorporation (according to public records).
  • The startup must have a business case and product vision that we consider a match for our technology. Even though most apps can be built on our platform, that doesn't mean all apps should.
  • The company can only apply once.


Appfarm for Startups Illustrations

New to Appfarm?

Here you can see how app development with our no-code platform, Appfarm Create, works!

"Through Appfarm for Startups, we could rapidly create an MVP that we now use toward real customers – without having to take on too much risk in the early phase of our startup. I think far more startups should consider no-code/low-code to build their products faster and cheaper."

– Jakob Erikstad, CEO of StudMatch


"Appfarm for Startups has been essential in keeping costs down while accelerating our development towards a fully-functioning web application for our customers."

– Håvard Lystrup, CEO of BEV/ART


The Process



Use the form below to submit an application. We'll get back to you as soon as we can.


Initial Screening

Having passed the initial screening, we'll meet up to discuss details and how we can help each other.



If we're a match, we'll formalize your enrollment and set you up with your own Appfarm environment.



Congratulations! You may now enjoy Appfarm to boost your product development.

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